Spirit of Aloha Oceanfront Botanical Gardens Estate

A Tribute to the Spirit of Aloha

In The Garden

The Gardens’ Overview tour and Interview of Fredrick Swaroop Honig by Wendy Lewis:

The Gardens tour and Fredrick Swaroop Honig interview on Mauitopia:

Vegan Ahimsa Retreat at The Gardens with Dr. Will Tuttle, Meenakshi Angel Honig and Fredrick Swaroop Honig:

10 Compelling Reasons to go Vegan by Meenakshi Angel Honig on Mauitopia:

Sri Swami Sivananda slide show:

12 Strategies for Letting Go of Stress by Fredrick Swaroop Honig:

Meditation is Bliss by Fredrick Swaroop Honig:

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