‘The Scientific Proof of God’ Book

Unified Field Theory Explained

In the groundbreaking book of, The Scientific Proof of God, Fredrick Swaroop Honig takes difficult concepts about quantum physics and the functioning of the universe, and explains them in simple language that anyone can understand. He integrates science and consciousness and shows us how this information contains the very core of our purpose on this planet.

“This is an inspiring read that leaves us with hope about our lives and the goodness of this world.” — Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason

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The Scientific Proof of God by Fredrick Swaroop Honig

Fredrick Swaroop Honig is a visionary whose insights bridge the scientific and spiritual worlds. Swaroop was trained as a Mechanical Engineer at UC Berkeley in the ’70s, and then lived as a monk for twenty years in the Ashram of the acclaimed interfaith leader Sri Swami Satchidananda.

His forty years of deep meditation practice have revealed to him profound insights into the nature of the universe. In The Scientific Proof of God, Swaroop integrates into the standard model of physics the dimensions of Consciousness and Intention. He sheds light on how the universe began and illuminates the twelve principle mysteries presently unanswered in the standard model of physics.

Swaroop offers a new application of Einstein’s famous equation E=mc2, and how this equation when applied to the universe’s dimension of consciousness becomes the Unitive Field Law of Causation. This one equation explains the cause and effect of any action as well as how the primal singularity, the seed of the universe, came into existence before the Big Bang. As a golden bridge between Science and Spirituality, this book also explains how the name of God can be used for attaining Unitive Consciousness. Through these pages, the universe will make more sense to you and you will better understand your unique part in it.

“We are one with Unitive Consciousness, and realizing this is the goal of life.” – Fredrick Swaroop Honig

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