Sacred Hearts School Reply

November 17, 2009
Dear Susan, Mary Anna and Students and Parents of Sacred Heart School,

I am so grateful to you for the opportunity to meet you all and for your enthusiastic appreciation the gardens and of their 12 Universal Core Values.

I would like to offer you all the opportunity to work with us to express these core values in our lives and to share them with our community and the world. I would like you all including the young adults (age 13 and over) to consider being on our advisory board and helping to guide our evolution.

I look forward to hearing back from you and to your next visit and I am forever grateful for the wonderful cards that the students made for us. Each one of them expressed so much consciousness and creativity. I have shared them with my friends and they were so impressed with the wisdom and maturity of each of the students.

I wish each of you continued growth in sharing your Sacred Hearts with the World.
Mahalo Nui,

Fredrick Honig

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