Maui Weekly – 3/18/10

Maui Weekly Article – March 18th, 2010
by Cindy Schumacher

Fredrick Honig is the founder and managing director of The Spirit of Aloha Oceanfront Botanical Gardens.

“Imagine… You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will live as one.” – John Lennon

The dream of peace has long burned in the hearts of many people. Here on Maui, Fredrick Honig has been dreaming for over 40 years about humanity’s quest to live in harmony, and how he could contribute to it.

Honig is the founder and managing director of a magnificent, lush 11-acre habitat in Ha‘ikū called the Spirit of Aloha Oceanfront Botanical Gardens.

“The ancient Hawaiians called this oceanfront site Keali‘i Nui—the highest spiritual royalty,” said Honig. “This is a land where heaven and Earth meet and one can experience and feel their oneness with creation while marveling at nature’s glory.”

Students from Sacred Hearts School from Lahaina toured the Gardens of the different world
religions as Fredrick Honig explained the meaning and importance of their core values. “The core
values are a large part of life, and you have helped us understand that,” a Sacred Hearts Student said.
“It is inspirational that you took your idea of world peace and turned it into a garden.”

Established in 1993, Spirit of Aloha Botanical Gardens is a nonprofit service organization that aims to become sustainable for future generations. Honig believes that man’s position on Earth is to be the steward of nature and to live in peace. He continues to work with Maui County to preserve the historic sites and structures found on his land.

The gardens are recognized by the National Wildlife Federation as a Certified Wildlife Sanctuary and by the Department of Land and Natural Resources as a Registered Hawaiian Site.

“Our vision for this land is to help preserve native and endangered plants, birds, butterflies and marine life,” Honig said. There are thousand-year-old terraces for taro farming which are part of the planned landscaping for this unique area.

Honig believes that the natural state of planet Earth is to be peaceful, abundant and easeful and that humanity can fully experience this natural state by living in alignment with shared universal core values.

To meet this vision atop the cliffs of Ua‘oa Bay on Maui’s North Shore, Honig landscaped and created the gardens dedicated to the “Oneness of All the World Religions” and “Nature’s 12 Universal Core Values”—peace, respect, love, tolerance, honesty, humility, cooperation, happiness, responsibility, simplicity, freedom and unity.

(Left to right) Internationally renowned author Wayne Dyer, Be Here Now author Ram Dass
and Fredrick Honig work to further “Nature’s 12 Universal Core Values.”

Believing that he could make a difference in the world, Honig went to the United Nations with his plan for “Universal Peace and Brotherhood.” His core values were adopted by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and are translated in all languages around the world. The UN realizes that for human rights to be more fully recognized and respected, global awareness and support are required.

“These core values include all religions, spiritual paths and ways of life,” Honig said. “One truth expresses all the different paths.”

Honig hopes that people of goodwill, such as Maui authors Wayne Dyer and Ram Dass, who wish to participate to strengthen and implement basic human rights and freedoms will contact him.

“I want to work with other like-minded individuals and organizations to inspire the community to undertake bold initiatives supporting cultural diversity, responsible economic growth and ecological balance,” he said.

Wayne Dyer is captivated by the living symbols of peace.

His hope is to host forums to make these goals a reality “and create a better world through loving service.”

Honig plans to begin this quest with children. “I believe education is the key to prepare the children for the emerging “One Humanity” by teaching ‘Nature’s 12 Universal Core Values.’ There should be an international effort on the part of parents and educators to provide an atmosphere in which these certain core values can flourish and emerge.”

Differences in language, background and culture constitute the beautiful tapestry of human living down the ages. Whatever has militated against right human relations must be eliminated.

“My hope for peace is to help the kids of the planet get together to save the planet,” said Honig. “Then, the war money can be used to heal the planet and its infrastructures.”

The opportunity for peace is here now, but it will take the cooperation of the world community. Just imagine!

***Fredrick Honig wanted to Clarify that although he had promoted with United Nations Organizations similar proposals, the Credit for the Ratification and Implementation of The 12 Universal Core Values by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in August of 1996 belongs to an International Collaboration of The Educational Cluster of UNISEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) and the Brahma Kumari Delegations.

Maui Weekly Article – March 18th, 2010

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