We are a 501(c) 3 Non Profit Service Organization Dedicated to working on the Leading Edge of these 5 Critical areas. We strive to be an Integral Part of a Renaissance in Human History.

1) The Gardens are dedicated to Sustainable Horticulture and Plant Based Nutrition. Science has shown this to be a healthy diet that can prevent some cancers and even reverse coronary heart disease.

2) The Gardens are dedicated to Preserving Nature and Wildlife. We are Certified by the National Wildlife Federation as a Wildlife Sanctuary and we have made significant advances in the elimination of Invasive Plants Species, Mongooses, & Mosquitoes. We are preparing to help Native Bird Species such as the Nene restoration on Maui.

3) The Gardens are dedicated to sharing The Science of Health through classes and forums on Yoga, Meditation & Stress Management. The strength of a country is dependent on the strength of its citizens. We offer Ancient Wisdom in a Modern Format to help Individuals thrive and optimally serve their communities.

4) The Gardens are dedicated to understanding and living The Spirit of Aloha And Nature’s 12 Universal Principles that are the foundation of all World Religions:

Peace, Respect, Love, Tolerance,
Honesty, Humility, Cooperation, Happiness,
Responsibility, Simplicity, Freedom and Unity

This Universal Wisdom is eloquently expressed in The Spirit of Aloha and is the great need of our Age. Terrorism cannot be overcome by more violence or wars; it can only be overcome through Justice, Culture & Education. These Human Rights were adopted by the United Nations in 1948 and ratified to be taught in the Culture & Schools of all Countries that belong to the United Nations. Our organization holds Services, Classes, & Forums to do our part in teaching these Universal Human Rights and Principles.

5) The Gardens are dedicated to supporting couples in the long-term success of their marriage. We offer couples support in Strategic Family Planning, Compassionate Communications and Intimacy Skills, as well as Conflict Resolution Techniques. We offer an environment for Holistic Weddings that focuses on the success of the couple’s marriage & relationship, as well as a supportive wedding celebration.